Classic Combination Necklace (Available late October)

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Early morning and you can't make up your mind....small dot or statement dot? Small Dot? Statement Dot? No need to play eeny, meeny, miny, moe....Don't choose, wear BOTH!!! Match perfectly or coordinate colors to bring your outfit together.
I have this and it's so much fun to match it to my clothes. I have gotten a lot of compliments on this piece.
This one offers such fun! It's ...match the Dots? Match just the colors? Or go crazy and choose something bolder and compliment your outfit in a whole new way?
This is an awesome foundation to use during the October Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The large pink ribbon statement dot and the Rose Sparkle original dot - shouts out the support you give to this week.
This is one of my favorite go to necklaces! So versatile and I can style it dressy or casual and I can make stunning dot combinations to suit my mood of the day!
If you want a fun statement necklace, then you need this. Your creativity will blossom with this piece.