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Dot Club Jewelry Subscription Box by Style Dots

Dot Club is the most colorful jewelry subscription box on the market today! Voted as one of the best monthly jewelry subscription boxes for 2022, there's plenty of reasons why. Every month, Dot Club gives you new snap jewelry in a choice of two different colors. All of our jewelry is lead, cadmium and nickel free plus they're backed by our 1-year manufacturer's warranty. We only use quality crystals and other materials so you can buy and wear with confidence.

The designs and colors are different every month so your jewelry collection will quickly grow with beautiful pieces settings of silver, gold, rose gold and more. If you're ready to fall in love with our interchangeable jewelry, join Dot Club today!

What is Dot Club?
Here’s what you’ll get as a Dot Club Jewelry Box Subscriber:

3 Exclusive Dots

Coordinating snap jewelry in a variety of shapes and sizes. Each box a $50-$100 value!

New Snap Jewelry Every Month

Your Dots are shipped starting the 16th of the month.

Exclusive Specials

Get access to special Dot Club Subscriber exclusives and sales on interchangeable snap jewelry.

Each box includes 3 exclusive Dots available only to Dot Club members. Cancel Anytime.
Free Shipping
Dot Club subscription boxes are shipped to you free of charge.
You Choose
Pick from available colors for each month’s Dot Club shipment prior to the 15th of each month.

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Reviews for Dot Club Jewelry Subscription Box

Jewelry Box Subscriber Testimonial
"The jewelry I get every month are always beautiful, but the best thing is the quality. They don't green or tarnish when I wear them!"
Patty H.
Style Dots Monthly Jewelry Subscription Box Lover
“I’m a subscription box junkie. Dot Club is the best jewelry subscription box of 2022. For $39.95 a month I get over $60 worth of jewelry every month.”
Marian G.
Quality Jewelry Subscription Box Review
"Dot Club is by far the best snap jewelry subscription box I've ever ordered. Great value. Great quality."
Ana M.
Review of Style Dots Interchangeable Jewelry
"Amazed by the free snap necklace I received in my first box. It is gorgeous with all of those crystals! I'll wear it with everything!"
Ellen B.
Curated Monthly Jewelry Subscription Box-Sheri
"Dot Club is the one gift I give to myself. It's a monthly surprise that I know I'll love when I get it in the mail every month."
Sheri C.
Interchangeable snap jewelry company subscription box
"I love that the pieces in the box are interchangeable jewelry. When I want a different look, I just snap one earring design out with a new one!"
Carolyn P.

What is Style Dots Interchangeable Snap Jewelry?

Subscribe Today and Get a Free Necklace ($80 Value)
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Every monthly kit includes jewelry valued at $50 or more for just $39.95. Plus, FREE SHIPPING!
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